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These are 50'0" over "flooring and end sills", as the diagram calls out.  Bethlehem 1942, lot DF45.  These 50, plus MP 8100-8199, started out as general service flatcars.  They had 15 stake pockets.  They were typical of the era, with the deck 9'-4" wide, all inside the stake pockets.  8373 was apparently the last un-renumbered car, which was probably restenciled MP sometime after 1956.

They were mostly converted to piggyback, with bridge plates and rub rails, and one ACF model 2 hitch.  Some were converted to brick service, with 4'-0" bulkheads and side grates.  Some were converted to pig flat before the complete renumbering of freight cars, and these carried 99xxx series numbers, then were renumbered to 833000-833130.  A few stayed as general service flatcars.  So actually you have 150 cars to choose from for modeling purposes.

Many years ago I used an Athearn 50' flatcar, as a pretty close model, long before the resin era.

The attached photo shows one with a company load, an MPTL box truck which was delivered by MP to Wichita, presumably to save driving it the 482 miles from St. Louis.

Ron Merrick

Ron Merrick

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