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In the movie "Troop Train", StLB&M flat car 8376 is featured as part of a pre- or early WWII movement of troops with their equipment. A quick check of the 1943 ORER show that there are 50 cars in this series and that these are the only flat cars with StLB&M reporting marks. Does anyone have any additional information on this series of cars? 

I note that Mask Island has decals in HO for them so I also wonder if there is an appropriate HO model?

Following is some history & other info. In August 1941 Missouri Pacific and subsidiary International-Great Northern (I-GN) each placed orders with Bethlehem Steel Co. (BSC) for 50 flat cars of 50-ton capacity & 50’-0” length. BSC assigned to order DF 45. 

With the changing times & advent of the U.S. entry into second world war, production was increased to 100 MP cars & the 50 identical cars originally ordered by I-GN switched to another MoPac subsidiary St. Louis, Brownsville & Mexico. Delivery of the 150 flat cars occurred in June 1942, numbered MP 8100-8199 & StLB&M 8350-8399. 

The cars of riveted construction came with fish-belly side sills, 15 stake pockets per side, 12” rolled-channel end sills, 2 3/4” x 7 1/4” x 9’-4” yellow pine wood flooring, Universal Multi-Power Drop Shaft hand brake, Apex defect card holder double truss spring plankless trucks, and cast iron wheels. Painted black with white stencils. 

Starting around mid-1956 after Missouri Pacific had emerged from receivership, locomotives & rolling stock of MoPac subsidiaries I-GN, StLB&M & NOT&M had their reporting mark stencils changed to MP while retaining their original numbers. 

In late 1960 a handful of the cars from both series received 3’-4” high bulkheads, 46’ inside length, for hauling aluminum ingots. Later conversions are out of scope for STMFC.

Photos I’m aware of include a 3/4BL BSC builder photo of MP 8140 in the 1943 & 1946 Car Builders’ Cyclopedia (page 197 & 194, respectively); Bob’s Photo - Col. Chet McCoid, StLB&M 8373 with lumber load on 5/21/56; Dick Kuelbs photo MP 8166 on 11/24/60 with lumber load.

Gene Semon has answered your question about HO models. 
Ed Hawkins


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