ORER help, please

greg kennelly

From 1927 - 1952 inclusive, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway listings in the ORER contained only a "Recapitulation of Car Equipment" rather than full number series and dimensions.  I have a copy of an "Equipment Record" prepared by the Railway dated 1 March 1949 which shows a total of 56 stock cars in four different series: 501 - 505 (5 cars); 506 - 535 (5 cars remaining); 540 - 549 (10 cars) and 551 - 586 (36 cars).  I also have copies of the April 1952 ORER page for the PGE showing a total of 53 stock cars and the January 1953 issue, now showing individual series, which lists three series; 501 - 505 (5 cars); 540 - 549 (7 cars); and 551 - 586 (36 cars) for a total of 48 cars.  If anyone has access to copies of the ORER for July and October 1952, could you please tell me how many total PGE stock cars are listed in those issues. I am hoping to be able to make an "educated guess" regarding how many of the 5 cars remaining in series 506 -535 in 1949 were still around in my modelling period of September 1952.  Based on the numbers I have so far, there had to be at least 2 of them still around in April 1952.  Many thanks.
Greg Kennelly

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