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Schuyler Larrabee

I agree with you Todd, and while I did not grow up around here, at least not as an adolescent (the last ten years have been an adventure in growing up . . . ) this photo does have a tinge of the look of the B&M and the general seediness of Somerville/Charlestown about it.  Based on the GM car to the right, front wheels on the track, I’d date this picture to the early 60s.

And that B&M “shack” is undoubtedly where the gates were operated from.  Typical of that sort of “building” around these parts, it’s not quite level.  Often these shacks were not provided with a real foundation, instead just sitting on some timbers laid on the ground.

The luxuriant growth of weeds is instructive for modeling scenes like this.




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The 'reinforcement rail' on concrete is probably one side of a mobile gantry crane setup.  This looks to be at a Boston & Maine team track near Lechmere Square.  The crossing is not unguarded: there are typical B&M crossing gates on all 4 corners of the crossing.  They may be controlled from that shack on the opposite side of the crossing, a little right of center.  There appears to be a freight house and more team track area next to the trolley line bridge in the background, and that tall building is probably the freight office.  It just has that 'B&M look'.

Todd Sullivan
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