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Schuyler Larrabee

Of course, we are likely all aware of what happened when the ERIE got that large class of Russian Decapods.


The gauge problem, narrowing the engines from 5’ gauge to American Standard, a mere 3½” difference, was done by applying new tires with a wide tread, moving the flanges inwards 1¾” on each side.  Worked real slick . . . until they encountered a self-guarding frog.  Resulted in a very rough ride, as the tread had to rise up over that hump . . .


The ERIE Decapods hauled lots of FREIGHT CARS.  😊




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It's my understanding that the railroads tended to only use them on trackage not rated for "high speed", that of course being solely each railroad's decision to make in our era. Yes, the are a direct replacement for conventional frogs, but the "gathering range" of the guard flange is very short, so if wheel wear causes contact the sideways motion of the truck will be very abrupt.

Dennis Storzek

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