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Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, Ken, for posting this link.  Quite a bit of interesting information for railfans living in the area.  The map also shows the long-lost Miller’s river (now in a culvert and nearly invisible unless you know JUST where to look for it.  I’m surprised to see the round house labeled as “Auto truck st’ge” as I think most of that round house was still in use as such in 1935 (copyright date in small print beneath the graphic scale at the bottom).




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To beat this to death, the area is seen on this Sanborn map:



Photographer is standing toward left side of map, picture taken looking right.

The road with the crossing gates in the picture is the “road” with “EAST” text (leading to left side of [what used to be a] roundhouse)

Gantry crane shown.


Ken Akerboom

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