Re: Photo: SP Flat Car(s) Transformer(s)

Bruce Smith

One of the clinics during the virtual PRR day meeting was on transformers, by Rob Bennett. One thing I learned from Rob is that there was usually a transformer for each phase. I sent the photo to Rob and he looked around a bit and found this photo:
of not just the two mentioned but THREE transformers... so this was a three-phase installation. These are GE built.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Upon closer examination I think you are correct - Re-writing:
These are two nearly-identical transformers on TWO different SP
70-ton(ish) SP Flat cars:

Photo on 4-8-1937 on SP 43595 F-50-12 ... with what look to be 70-ton
leaf-spring trucks.

Two days later, 4-10-1937, with nearly identical load... SP 49679 ,
the lone F-70-1... nee F-50-14 with heavier trucks.
AFAIK... this is the only known (so far) photo of 49679... on what
was probably its first revenue trip.

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 07:03 PM 1/15/2021, Dan Smith wrote:
>Richard Brennan wrote:
>Photo on 4-8-1937 as SP 43595
>Two days later, 4-10-1937, with SAME load... as SP 49679
>I'm not sure if this is to imply that these 2 cars are the same car
>? The same actual load ?
>SP 43595 is an F-50-12 class car, 40' 10" length, with 70t trucks
>added. A temporary expedient ? Not listed in notes in the 7-39 ORER.
>SP 49679 is an F-70-1 class car, 52' length, according to Tony's book.
>But the 7-37 ORER lists it as an F-50-14, the last in it's # series.
>Were these trucks added for this load ? Kept with the car creating a
>new one off class ?
>This might be a good question for Tony to chime in on.
>           Was car 49679 built as a 70t car? As class F-70-1 ?
>           Or was this car converted after delivery from an F-50-14
> ? And then kept that way ? Car listed as 70t car in 3-39 ORER.
>An interesting tidbit,
>Dan Smith

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