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Bruce Smith


There are a number of additional photos. I found these in several ways. First, the photo caption says Porterville, Ca, so I searched "Porterville". That got me a lot of hits, but there was a click box on the left to select the photographer so I selected G. Haven Bishop and go about 35 hits. Alternatively, you can conduct a much tighter search with "Transformers for Magunden" and that gets 12 hits of this particular move. A broader search for "Magunden" gets 107 hits with more photos of the move, plus other photos of the switching station.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Thank you Bruce, for filling in fantastic extra info.

That shows car 43386, the other car listed in the 7-37 ORER, note PPP as exceptions in the 43191 to 43690 series F-50-12 cars with greater capacity.
See my post earlier in this tread.

I tried plugging in to the Huntington Library site and searching for more photos on this installation but found it difficult to navigate.

Are there more photos ?
Dan Smith

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