Re: NP 10000 Series Boxcars by Rapido

Todd Sullivan

All -

Chris Frissell's article is really well done, with a variety of weathering styles from moderate to 'is there any paint on that car?'  His techniques are to be commended.  I have just started weathering my F&C NP 36ft boxcar, using Chris's article as a guide.  It's still challenging, and I'm holding my breath and trying to keep the weathering under control enough that I don't have to strip the car and start over.

Rapido's NP 10000 series wood boxcars are terrific.  After looking at many NP steam loco photos from the "Vista Dome Package", I'm surprised how many of these boxcars show up in trains or the background.  I just bought my sixth one - it is destined for MoW service, as inspired by Chris's article.  The decal set for these cars is also noteworthy in that it includes MoW lettering in two styles (roman and gothic) as well as assigned service stencils (think hides), chalk marks, and lots of reweigh stencils and other extras.

Todd Sullivan

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