Re: Bill Welch's FGE Presentations

Douglas Harding

John, in his presentations Bill typically passed out a small slip of paper with the link to a Dropbox account where one could download his entire PowerPoint. He started doing this instead of printing a multi-page (ie expensive) handout. Anyone who attended the clinic was invited to download from the Dropbox account. His intention was to share what he found/learned. To my knowledge there are no restrictions. Yes there is a book in the works. And Bill made arrangements and left instructions for its completion.


So feel free to share.


Doug Harding


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I have copies of Bill's Wood FGE Reefers and Steel FGE Reefers PowerPoint presentations.  I believe they date back to around 2014.

I'd be happy to share them with the group unless there is a compelling reason not to, such as copyright issues or book preparation, etc.

Maybe Tony Thompson and/or Doug Harding can advise offline?

John Golden

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