Re: NP 10000 Series Boxcars by Rapido

Dean ONeill

Not sure if this will help, but I did do a skim of the "Write Up Books" from the 1930s for South Tacoma for boxcar service, or accident repairs. The table below shows the car serviced, year, and that it was "Car Painted Complete". Given that these cars were built in the mid 1920s, indicates that for at lease some cars, repaints were happening relatively soon. But that might have only been due to accidents, not regular maintenance. 

Dean ONeill
Redmond WA

South Tacoma Shops - Write Up Books
Date Car Comment
6/2/1930 12965 Car Painted Complete
3/26/1930 10965 Car Painted Complete
3/26/1930 13221 Car Painted Complete
5/19/1930 12324 Car Painted and Stenciled Complete
3/22/1940 13969 Roof painted with Texaco Car Cement
3/22/1940 12935 Roof painted with Texaco Car Cement
3/22/1940 10214 Roof painted with Texaco Car Cement
5/21/1941 10867 Roof coated with Car Cement, Car painted Complete

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