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Nelson Moyer


Pete, when you open a message the sender’s email address is in the header as shown below. All you have to do is double click the sender’s email address and a popup window appears with an option to send a private email. on behalf of; Peter Reinhold pennsymodeler@...


That works with Windows 7 and Outlook. YMMV.


Nelson Moyer



From: [] On Behalf Of Peter Reinhold
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2021 9:09 AM
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Resin Kits that need a new home


Sorry to send this to the group but can't figure out how to contact Ross off-list. Ross would like the #22.5 CB&Q XA-14 D 50’ Bomber Box $40 if not spoken for.

Pete Reinhold


On 1/17/2021 8:58 AM, Ross Dando via wrote:

I know we are not all meeting in Cocoa Beach this month. So in that spirit I am trying to rehome some kits that align with the timeline of the list. I moved to 1/48 four years ago and these will never be built and appreciated unless one or more of you takes them and builds them.
Prices marked and do not include shipping. Prefer US sales but can have my arm twisted to do otherwise but costs will be your responsibility.

Owl Mountain 

#2003 40’ Flat (3)

#3005 Narrow Lumber Kit (3)

$65 per set plus shipping

$180 for all plus shipping



Load #F.3 70’ Deck Bridge Girder  $25

Transformer Load $25

Kit #F10 Ship Plate Load $25 (2 available)

Kit #F9 Crawler Load $35

Kit #38.4 SP B-50-15 no end door $40

Kit #53.6 PRR GSh 38’ Gon $40

Kit #41.3 Milw 39-40 Rib Box $40

Kit #22.5 CB&Q XA-14 D 50’ Bomber Box $40

Kit #66.3 ATSF Rebuilt Flat w Bulkheads $40


Detail Associates

Kit #220 GS Gon steel side $15


Rail Shop Inc

CB-101 Carbon Black Car late scheme $25

CB-102 Carbon Black Car early scheme $25


Northern Specific Models

NP 1949 52’ Flat Car 64000-64195 series $35

Ross Dando
Meridian, Idaho

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