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Nolan Hinshaw

On Jan 16, 2021, at 19:15, Charles Peck <> wrote:

One end might resemble a single furnace Scotch Marine but with the furnace not coming out the other end, I cannot see it being a good anything at all. Not that I have seen every possible boiler but it does not look good to me.
Good catch. The tubes coming out beside and below the furnace are also suspect. Then there's the length - Scotch boilers don't seem to be that long compared to their diameter. I recommend a web search of the vast horde of engineering texts available describing stationary and marine boilers and either kit bashing or scratch building something.

I have some books from Model and Allied Publications[0], publisher of Model Engineer Magazine, describing the design and construction of working miniatures

[0] now Argus Press, Hemel Hempstead, Herts., UK - Martin Evans and K. N. Harris come to mind as authors
Model Locomotive and Marine Boilers, a copy available for $28 US from Abe books via, searching with Martin Evans in the Author field and Boilers in the title field
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