Re: Photo: SP Transformer Train (1937)

Richard Townsend

In the gondola. Notice how they block the view of the framing immediately behind them in the gondola.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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The two horizontal silver colored tanks shown right behind the tender are in the gondola or beyond the gondola?  I can't decide.

Pat Wade
Santa Barbara, CA

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Photo: SP Transformer Train (1937)
A photo from the Huntington Library:
This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.
Magunden Switching Station - Wider shot of Southern Pacific, 2-6-2 steam Locomotive #1781 pulling Transformers and rail-skids for Magunden.
From previous discussions of the flatcars with the transformers, some speculated that the transformers were shipped without oil to reduce the weight on the flatcars. The presence of the tanks cars in this train makes me wonder if this true and the tank cars carried oil for the transformers.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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