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Steven D Johnson

Bill and Garth,


Thanks for the information from the ORERs. 


Examining the photos, I can make out “NEW 2(?)-34, and the Mt. Vernon Car Mfg. Co. builder’s stencil to the right of the doors. 


Steve Johnson



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Cool car! I have an ORER listing from April 1951 which shows one boxar from what I presume is this series. It is South Georgia 1600, an XM: 40' 6" IL, 9' IW, 10' 2 1/4" IH, 12' 1" doors, 3739 cu ft, and 80000 capacity. Their only other cars at that time were two 41' flat cars, numbered 875 and 876, and a 35' 4" flat car numbered 877. 


My 1958 ORER shows the line as a Southern-controlled shortline with no separate listing for equipment.


Yours Aye,



Garth Groff  🦆


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I found this Whitcomb Locomotives ad in the April-July 1935 issue of BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVES magazine.  The South Georgia Ry. boxcar really caught my attention.  I don’t recall ever seeing a photo of a freight car from that road.   Anyone have other photos or information about this car or its sisters? Or any other South Georgia Ry. freight cars? 


Here are some web resources about the company:


I think Bill Welch would have loved this example from one of the lesser-known “y’all roads.” 



Steve Johnson

Nashville, TN 




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