Re: HO Truck ID?

Ken Adams

The Passenger Car List has a pdf in their files section with nice new list of available passenger car trucks which shows a picture of the prototype in the left column and the pictures of available model versions in the right column to allow for more than one model version.  It was compiled by Steve Hile and several others well known in the hobby.  They have separated the list by era's when the prototype was introduced as well. 

A Freight car truck listing would probably be a much larger effort assembling the prototype photos along with taking posed model photos. . A series of offline groups might get together (electronically) to take up and publish by section. My collection of unused trucks isn't that large but I would be willing to help compile. With the new costs of, setting up a new group here might not be the best place.  I do own a free unused legacy group from a group naming mistake if that would help. It is tightly controlled at the moment to ensure no one tries to join it. It could be repurposed and controlled for putting together parts of the list.  To be maintained it needs to be published to a tightly controlled net location that does not require membership but has tight ownership controls. I would suggest separate versions and ownerships for different scales. 
Ken Adams
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