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I couldn’t read the reweigh date on it but I suspect the date is more likely post war as the black box behind the reweigh came in about that time. Perhaps someone can ID the model year of the car parked near it.

Roger Hinman

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Photo: MDT Reefer 5798(?)
A circa 1940 photo from the Huntington Library:
This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.
The reefer is parked in front of the Exchange Lemon Products Company plant in Corona, CA. The plant was served by the Santa Fe Railway as were most of the citrus packing houses in the immediate area.
Corona was a major lemon producing area and although this plant did pack lemons from time to time its major function was to produce lemon by-products from cull lemons.
Here are a few photos from Jim Lancaster's packing house website:

The complex at the center of the photo surrounding the tall water tank is the Exchange Lemon Products. At the upper right is the Borden Company Manufactured Products Division. At the upper left are the Corona Lemon packing house (near side of tracks) and the A. F. Call packing house (far side of tracks).

Exchange Lemon Products from the south in 1938.

Aerial view of Exchange Lemon Products from the southwest in 1964.

Boxcars of cull lemons are unloaded at Exchange lemon Products by tilting the cars.

Exchange Lemon Products was a Sunkist company. Some of you who grew up in Southern California in the 1950s may remember "Success Story", a television program sponsored by the Richfield Oil Company. This thirty minute video focuses on the Exchange Lemon Products Plant in Corona:
There is no railroad content in the video. To avoid the generic program introduction you can skip to 9:10 for coverage of the plant, including the laboratory. There is some great footage of staff wrapping and packing lemons at 22:45.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, Ca

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