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A little more background on Phenol.  I worked with Phenol years ago at Essex Magnet Wire. It’s a dangerous chemical causing burns and is absorbed through the skin, and exposure to a lot can be fatal.  To compound the problems, it’s solid at room temperature and pressure, it was stored in steam heated tanks and transfer lines.  Nasty stuff, really need to be careful around it. Hope the rail car didn’t leak!

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Catalin Corporation of America operated just two cars in October 1958 (entry actually submitted October 1954): CCNX 1 and 4. These were both 8,000 gallon TL tank cars. The lettering seen in the second photo says "FOR PHENOL ONLY", and to the left of the ladder it says "SPECIAL NICKEL CLAD TANK CAR FOR CATALIN CHEMICALS". The address given for reporting mileage and repairs was Fords, New Jersey. The company was actually headquartered in New York.

Catalin was the brand name for a type of bakelite plastic, particularly used in buttons, costume jewelry, radios and household goods during the 1930s: .

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Tank car CCNX 1 in 1955 at Lukens Steel. Note the unusual position of the poling pockets, and the unusual dome.
Claus Schlund

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