Re: 100-ton Andrews trucks in HO


When I looked closer at the 100-ton Buckeye, it's apparent that the cast brackets for the clasp brake hangers are actually separate castings.  They appear to be fastened to the truck frames by the bolts that also retain the journal boxes.  I'll bet that was fun to maintain.

It also appears that the customer's (owning railroad's) name is cast into the truck frame, above and just inboard of the far wheelset.  Other than R.R. at the end of this string of characters, I can't clearly make it out, but I'll wager it is probably a steel road.  I also think that the figures 3-21 might be cast dead center on the truck frame surface, and the pattern number and foundry symbol are above and just inboard of the near wheelset.  And, of course, the 6 1/2 X 12 on the journal boxes, just in case the shop guys might confuse them.

Ron Merrick

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