Re: 100-ton Andrews trucks in HO

Tony Thompson

Dave Parker wrote:

This is the original USRA drawing for their standard trucks from the April, 1918, edition of Railway Mechanical Engineer, but also reproduced in the 1919 CBC . . .  It also seems to me that the exact shape of the side-frame, especially the top chord, is not being specified, implying some latitude to the individual manufacturers (of which there were several).

    As Richard Hendrickson frequently observed, each truck maker had an individual tweak on sideframe shape(s) in various areas of the part. That's one reason that the old traditional "Bettendorf" truck designation was so wrong: not only was Bettendorf itself out of the truck business after 1942, but the trucks of each other maker (American Steel Foundries, Buckeye, Columbia, Symington-Gould, National, General Steel, Standard, Scullin et al.) were a little different -- see any Cyc.

Tony Thompson

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