Re: 100-ton Andrews trucks in HO

Dennis Storzek

Can't stop beating this horse while it's still twitching :-)

I was curious what my source material for our Andrews truck was, and since the Hathi Trust now has the 1919 CBC on
line, I found the drawing:

Since everyone wants to compare this to the models of PRR Crown trucks, I then went looking for drawings of them in my 1922 CBC (it loads a lot faster). I was then going to do a side-by-side comparison when I noticed something strange; according to the drawings, the Crown trucks have a 2" longer wheelbase, 5'-10" as opposed to 5'-8". Is this the way they were actually built? If so, of course they look more "masculine". Is this correct, or an error in the drawings presented in the CBC?

Dennis Storzek

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