Re: 100-ton Andrews trucks in HO

Dave Parker


Yes, my understanding is that the PRR Crown trucks, both 70- and 100-ton, had 5-10 wheelbases.  See attached PRR table, notably the 2E-F2 and 2F-F1 trucks.  (and apologies to whomever's website I swiped this from; I can't recall, so I can't give credit).

It gets weirder with the PRR Crown trucks.  If you are looking at p. 608 of the 1919 Cyc, you'll see two line drawings and one image/photo, all three seemingly for the 70-ton version.  The line drawings both show the 5-10 WB.  But the head scratcher for me is that there are three different spring packages:  6-spring, 5-spring, and what looks like 4-spring in the photo, but I suppose could be a 5-spring without any of the central spring visible.  The photo of a 2E-F2 that I shared yesterday has the obvious 5-spring package.

One of the "joys" of the CBC is their propensity for showing things that manufacturers wanted to sell to prospective customers, without an real clues as to whether they actually did.

Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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