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Schuyler Larrabee

In the ERIE sequence there are quite a few cars that were built in the early times (20s or so) and in the 30s and 40s, even into the 50s.  The collection covers a long range.




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Fro those who worry that all of this is beyond the group's 12-31-59 cut-off date, I did a quick perusal of the "A" section, and found an Atlas Powder tank car built 9-15 (with a raised walkway) and an AC&&Y hopper car built 10-19, plus a smattering of cars built in the 1950's.


Seek and ye shall find.


Ken Montero

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I had some trouble finding this collection, but once I had one page I was able to work out the catalog page: . Someone commented that there was no "A" list, but that's because the URL gives this as "As"


Yours Aye,



Garth Groff  🦆


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Clark, click on the link originally provided by Steve Hile in this email.


Then click on “Freight Car Photo Gallery” in the bracket of “Scanned Drawings & Images”




Schuyler, (who had to puzzle out the next step from the Index page, too.



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Back in the days of the Yahoo groups, Jim Kinkaid posted a large number of builder's photos, mostly Pullman Standard, to the files area of the Modern Freight Car list.  It was not possible to migrate those photos to the platform that our groups have now migrated to.


However, through the efforts of MFCL list owner, Jim Eager and Jim Kinkaid, himself, we are now able to make those photos available again on a Smug Mug site that can be accessed from the Pullman Library website at



Thanks to Bob Webber, the curator of the Pullman Library, for making this possible.


And a special thanks to Jim Kinkaid for adding more photos to the file so that the time period extends back to include car built before the time period of the MFCL.  So, there is a lot of items of interest to freight car fans, including a nice selection of Rock Island cars for folks on that list.


Please take a look and enjoy.


Steve Hile




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