WP R-30-13-9


Finished up 2, one the recent RCW kit and the other a Red Caboose RC-4231 kit with a Tichy dual center sill riveted built-up underframe.  Pretty similar, each having pros and cons. I like the lower sill rivet detail on the RCW. The RC medallion is slightly oversized (probably the original 1923/1924 size).  
I made a rookie mistake on the RC kit as I didn't install interior bulkheads in the ice hatches (light shines through) and installed them too far open for ventilator service. They would rarely be in the position I modeled. Should be either full laid back open for servicing, full closed for ice service and about halfway open for ventilator service. Picked up on that after the 3rd read through the PFE book.
Speaking of which, the main reason for the post. Tony and all PFE researchers, in 2021 is it still felt that there were some WP reefers made as R-30-12 with Bettendorf UF's? Has any photo's surfaced of any of the 2275 cars with a Bettendorf UF since the PFE bible was authored? Have any car #s on the PFE build sheets noted with R-30-12 show up in photos in the 30 years since?

RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA

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