Re: Who manufactured this car?

Douglas Harding

HO Seeker publishes catalogs. The date cited may just be the date of the catalog, not the actual debut of the model.


Doug Harding


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You most likely are correct regarding the first date of production. I assumed that the HO Seeker info was the first date of production - and we all know the derivation of the word "assume".


Ken Montero

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Not to pick too many points, Ken & Group, but----


I believe this Ulrich 'outside-braced' (sic?) boxcar kit first appeared in late 1940s Model Railroader advertising.  I have not looked for it in my collection but it was out there long before 1960.  I believe the first I purchased was in 1958.  Two of these I used to make my first WAG box car models.  See attached.


Regards from cold Grove City in western Penna.  ----  Mike Schleigh


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I believe that is an Ulrich model that first appeared in 1960. See below from  from HO


Ken Montero

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Looking for some help identifying the manufacturer of this model.  The model has wood sides and ends, has white metal bolsters, and has brass pieces that act as roof cross braces (not sure what to call them) and brass z-braces for vertical and diagonal side supports.  I purchased this model many years ago and it has been operating on my layout.  I would like to learn something about it.  Thanks

Chuck Cover
Santa Fe, NM


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