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Thanks for the info guys and I'll have to see if I can locate a copy of that Santa Fe book. 

Douglas, the scale cow will fit through the upper deck door but not through the lower portion but I felt it would seem odd to have all that weight above. As you mentioned in reference to  Dick Harley's Stock Car primer.... S-40-6 Cars were "SA" type, therefor these cars where convertible.

If the lower deck was used to load Cattle then the upper deck was pushed up and un-used? If the U.P. still moved cattle in these cars after the rebuild I could use the Westerfield car to represent this. The deck location isn't designated on the model.

Has anyone ever seen or have any picks of cattle being moved in these cars in the 1950's?   

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Brian the UP had some double deck stock cars designed to hold cattle on the lower level. According to the Stock Car Data posted by Dick Harley, these cars were classified as SA. Most built new in 1950-1952, the rest rebuilt from S-40-10 stockcars in 1947-48. All were 40’ cars.


Your model is a S-40-6, which was a 36’ car first built in 1918 as a single deck car, that was rebuilt by the railroad into a double deck cars, starting in 1941. Some were equipped with convertible upper decks. Mostly likely the rebuild was done for sheep traffic.


To my knowledge no one built a double deck stock car that could handle cattle on the upper deck. Some double deck cars were convertible, that is the upper deck could be raised up out of the way into the roof cavity to accommodate tall livestock, ie cattle and horses.


You state you can get a cow model on the upper deck of your model, while there may have been clearance on the upper deck due to the peaked roof structure, could the cattle fit through the door?


Doug Harding


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So I finally got around to building some S-40-6 1955 Live Stock Car from UHPS. While building the cars I discovered that an adult Scale cow would not be able to stand in the lower deck of the car. There is plenty of clearance in the top deck. When the prototype cars were rebuilt with double decks is it possible that the upper deck was perhaps used for larger live stock and the lower used for smaller? If this is not the case perhaps the model has the deck located too low? Did anyone come across this issue when building these cars. I didn't come across this issue with the Westerfield version of the car however, that models doesn't have simulated wood where the upper deck should be so I went off of photos to located it. I also only loaded those cars with smaller live stock which leads to my final question..... Were these cars ever loaded with larger live stock such as cattle after they were rebuilt and fitted with double decks?      .




Bryian Sones

Union Pacific Prototype Modeler

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