For Sale: DVD of U.S. Railway Patents, Including Steam Era Freight Cars

Ed Hawkins

STMFC members,
Per request by Patrick C. Wider, now available for purchase is a DVD containing U.S. railway patents including numerous patents applicable to steam era freight cars. Following is summary information and an attached PDF flyer for ordering the DVD. 

DO NOT REPLY by email to the STMFC or to me. Send replies & questions by email to Patrick C. Wider at pwider@...

Ed Hawkins

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia has just released its first informational DVD that contains over 6,200 original U.S. Patents devoted to the railway industry circa 1920 to 1960. These patents are complete, comprising over 30,000 pages in PDF format of valuable information, descriptions, and drawings that would be of interest to historians & historical societies, railway engineers & employees, article & book authors, model railroaders, and model manufacturers. See the attached flyer for additional information and ordering instructions.

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