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Hi Eric,

Are you still interested in writing up your X23 for The Keystone Modeler?  If so, I want to encourage you, because I am always looking for models like yours for our online mag.  Even though I editorialized about taking advantage of the pandemic lockdown, I have received little response.  You have apparently done just that!

Please send your modeling emails to jhunter6360@....  As you probably know, The Keystone Modeler is free for anyone who goes to and clicks on TKM.

BTW, I think we met and spoke at the last RPM near Valley Forge in PA.  I had made a flatcar load of those boilers made by Resin Freight Car Builders.


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As I weathered a few models recently, I began reviewing modeling projects from the last year. I ended up more productive than expected. My latest blog post offers quick summaries on several plastic and resin HO scale freight cars that have crossed the workbench in 2020.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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