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mel perry

out of curiosity, what does book #1 cover?
mel perry

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Hello Everyone,

Here is a book that covers a freight yard and the freight cars it moved, in very good detail. Book #2 covers the 20th century of Potomac Yard, a very critical yard between northern and southern railroads. The book sub title is "the history of the most important direct interchange railroad hump yard on the east coast "Chapter one starts at 1900 and then each subsequent chapter seems to cover about a 10 year time span. The largest chapter is #7 covering the post war and 1950's period, is 200 pages long. The hard cover book is a healthy 804 pages, and is largely written by the railroaders working in the yard. The publisher is the RF&P Historical Society.

For all those 804 pages is a reasonable price of $69.95 plus shipping. contact me off list.

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