Corn and Peanut Processing and Transportation Industry

Allen Cain

i am working on an industry involving milled corn and/or processed peanuts in 1955 in the South.  Could use some help on the concept.

How would peanuts and corn be transported to elevators and mills for processing?  Box cars or covered hoppers?

Where would the corn kernels be separated from the cob and the corn kernels dried?

Where would the peanuts be separated from the shells?

Would there be a by-product use for the cobs and/or peanut shells and if so, how would they be transported?

I am considering an elevator and mill using the Walthers Prairie Star Elevator and Prairie Star Mill for receiving and processing and the Walthers Prairie Co-Op elevator for originating shipments:

Receiving Elevator:

Processing Mill:

Shipping Elevator:

Also would the Walthers Sunshine Feed Mill as a destination for dried corn kernels:

Feed Mill:

Any feedback and input will be appreciated.

Allen Cain

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