Re: Corn and Peanut Processing and Transportation Industry

Mont Switzer

At the elevator in the small town I grew up in (Indiana 1950's-60's) they shelled corn for farmers.  The corn cobs were gravity fed into a cob burner.  I used to watch the whole operation from the school where I was supposed to be paying attention to other things.  

Mont Switzer

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Corn and Peanut Processing and Transportation Industry
From: Allen Cain
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<<i am working on an industry involving milled corn and/or processed peanuts in 1955 in the South.  Could use some help on the concept.

<<How would peanuts and corn be transported to elevators and mills for processing?  Box cars or covered hoppers?
1955 would be box cars for 99% of grains moved.

<<Where would the corn kernels be separated from the cob and the corn kernels dried?
Corn would be shelled either on the farm of in some case at the elevator.
Would not be shipped by rail on the cob.

<<Where would the peanuts be separated from the shells?
I do not know this one.

<<Would there be a by-product use for the cobs and/or peanut shells and if so, how would they be transported?
There are used today for ground corn cobs.  I do not kow of any from the 50's (except rear end usage:)
Howard Garner

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