Re: Painting Stainless Steel Wire - Suggestions?


I got mine from Amazon and got free shipping.

Francis A. Pehowic, Jr.

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I agree with you, Nelson. The banding I recall from my lumber yard experience was black and about ¾” wide. If you unwrap paper wrapped lumber bunks, you will find that banding inside holding things together. We also used it to bundle loose lumber being delivered to contractor job sites as those loads were slid off the back of a flatbed truck by tipping the front of the bed up and gently moving the truck forward to slowly slide the load off.


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I use black chart tape for strapping. The brand is Chartpak Graphic Tape, and it comes in 1/64 in., 1/32 in., 3/64 in., which are the sizes most useful in HO scale. Wider tape is available for larger scales. Because charts are produced in software now, it’s hard to find, and I ordered on of each of the above widths online. One roll of each is a lifetime supply unless you’re a commercial builder.


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Two questions here:

Where did you find/where can I purchase flat stainless steel wire?

When was this first used for securing wood and other loads?

Ray Hutchison
Green Bay WI


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