Re: Ho scale barbed wire along ROW

Mont Switzer


Good point. I don't know how many pairs of blue jeans I've torn up crossing barbed wire fences in my younger days, but never took note of which side the wire was stapled to the posts.

Inbound traffic for the elevators on my layout include fence posts and galvanized fencing wire.

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I made my own barbed wire but whatever you do, be sure to install it
correctly. I did an article on my fence and a reader pointed out that I had
the wire on the wrong side of the posts. It always goes on the side with the
animals...I didn't make that mistake again!

Jack Burgess

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At St. Louis or Cocoa in years past I seem to recall a vendor that had HO
scale barbed wire and possibly even a tool to string it. Does anyone recall
the vendor I am talking about? I think it was one of the 3D rapid
prototyping vendors.

Brian J. Carlson

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