Re: OMI 3-compartment insulated tank is too big?

Bruce Smith


Multicompartment tank cars have their compartments separated by domed “heads” within the tank. This represents a substantial volume that is not used for liquid storage, so your observation is not a surprise and seems accurate.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On Feb 3, 2021, at 3:02 PM, nyc3001 . <nyc3001@...> wrote:

Hi guys,

I was comparing my model of the OMI 8k 3-compartment insulated wine tank car (3271) to the OMI GATX 10k insulated car (3229). The tanks look like they're the same diameter and length even though there's supposed to be a 2k gal. difference between them. Is the 3-compartment car's tank larger than the prototype?


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