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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



I will very much look forward to seeing your presentation!


I love open loads, and have dozens of those WalMart clear plastic containers with loads I populate my cars with on my empties-in/loads-out; loads in/empties-out operation.  I have hundreds of loads I have created, including some I did from masters, to populate the dozens of industries also served on my layout and beyond.


I can’t wait to  see what you present!

Elden Gatwood


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Thank you, Elden. 
Many of the improvements to my modeling (still a ways to go) are a result of reading posts on this site. I'm finding satisfaction in making and installing loads in cars.
I have a presentation on open car loads for general service gons and flat cars that is nearing completion. This was to be given at the NMRA National Convention this year but the convention is cancelled. I hope to present it at the NMRA Pacific Coast Region's convention if that is not cancelled.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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