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Hello friends,
thanks to all who replied! Much more than I did expect!
whereas JMHX 252 very obviously is a heigthened car, I think on SHPX #25176 the slope sheets are lower compared to the OMI model (assuming that model is accurate...). Maybe even the angle is more flat, both would make a little more capacity.
Thanks again!
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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I think all of the models (brass - resin - plastic) represent one design - I am not certain which one!
It's either the 2850 cuft or the 3000 cuft car. But it's not the 3480 cuft design which was wider and

By 1953 SHPX series 25162 to 25181 was 20 2850 cuft cars. By 1972 the exact same
number series still has 19 cars but are now listed at 2998 cuft. Unfortunately the 1953 ORER
does not have the extreme height and width information listed in 1972, so all I can do is
guess that the cars were rebuilt by increasing the height slightly. 

On 2/4/2021 9:07 AM, vapeurchapelon wrote:
Hello friends,

please have a look to these ebay auctions of differently lettered but otherwise identical cars:

I would like to get one of these, but at first have questions which need an answer in order to decide for or against a purchase.
1. How many of these cars were in existence? Were they very rare?
2. Did they travel nationwide or usually not far around their owners?
3. The Micronex car is most attractive to me, but the "NEW date" is 1934 - far too early for my period of post-war years. Is this lettering scheme correct for my period that I only would have to change that date?

Lots of thanks

Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953

Tim O'Connor
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