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Mont Switzer


Those who stenciled compartment capacities on the domes hoped it would help the loader avoid overfilling and overrunning the compartment.

Another reason for the voids between compartments (double bulkhead) was to avoid contamination.  If a compartment leaked it went into the vid between compartments, not into the adjoining compartment. 


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From the many photos I have seen over the years, there are enormous variations in capacities.  The users had varied needs, so did the tank cars.


I like the cars that had the tank capacities stenciled on the dome.


Places like USSteel’s Clairton Works shipped three different products in one car, so had similar capacity compartments.


Users that shipped clean oil in, and used oil out, sometimes had very different capacity compartments.


And those converted from single to triple compartment, often had a larger center compartment, and dome, than the outer compartments.


Things to make tank cars even more interesting….


Elden Gatwood



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Charlie Southern Car co makes great 3 dome and 2 dome tank car kits.



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Isn’t a three compartment tank smaller gallonage due to the extra tank bulkheads separating the compartments? That would make the 2K difference reasonable.
Charlie Vlk


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Hi guys,

I was comparing my model of the OMI 8k 3-compartment insulated wine tank car (3271) to the OMI GATX 10k insulated car (3229). The tanks look like they're the same diameter and length even though there's supposed to be a 2k gal. difference between them. Is the 3-compartment car's tank larger than the prototype?




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