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David Ball

Hi Guys


Sorry for being a bit late to the party here


Like for others, everyone pic I have or can remember seeing where a PE B-40-14 is the explicit subject is of the wrong side, or is the wrong angle to show the correct side of the end in enough detail.


So I have been going through my other material seeing if I could find a photo where something else was the intended subject but also captured the correct side of the PE B-40-14.


And in the end I didn’t need to look to far (and somehow missed this when I was looking more specific for B-50-14’s). On pg 783 of Car of the Pacific Electric Vol 3 (the revised later edition which includes the section on freight cars) there is a pic that is nominally of a G-50-9 . But coupled behind it is PE B-40-14 10224. I have attached a close up (which is a bit fuzzy) bit it shows the outside brake rigging.




David Ball

Wellington, NZ

(and modelling the road in question)

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