Re: Pacific Electric

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:

All copyrights expire eventually. Including photographs. There are a lot of factors - how old was the
photographer and (if) when did they die? Was the photo ever published? Where did you get the photo?

Couple misconceptions here. Anyone with ACTUAL inherited or purchased rights can copyright a photo TODAY, if not already so protected. The classic example in copyright sources is if you inherit an unpublished diary of George Washington, in other words, it's really yours by right. You can copyright and publish it today.

. . . the suit would have to demonstrate actual damage to the copyright holder (diminishment of residual economic value of the photo or publication).

   Not entirely true; there can be statutory damages. And remember, Tim, a copyright or copyrightable material is property. Stealing it is like stealing any property. Your choice, of course.

Just saying'.

Tony Thompson

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