Re: OMI 3-compartment insulated tank is too big?

Steve and Barb Hile

This photo appeared in my UTLX book on page 85 (I hear that Ted is getting some additional copies, but I don’t know when.)


Here is what I can tell you.  Although the car was built by ACF (or is it AC&F?  :>)) it was built to UTLX’s design with the same underframe as other contemporary X-3 cars.  It was part of ACF lot 1523 and the cars were originally numbered 200 – 549.  They were later renumbered to 3625 – 3974.  Car number 3882 is in the Transportation museum at St. Louis and was recently repainted.  Ed Hawkins shared this photo with me from last fall.



Drawings from ACF for this lot are available from the library at the MOT.  The General Arrangement drawing is numbered 51457500.  The curator there is Teresa Militelo and her email is




I hope that this is helpful,


Steve Hile


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Steve, on the UTLX 228 in the photo I have a question. I know little about tank cars but wold like to build that one. Do you have a photo you would share. (I’ll check withBob’s photos also)Do you have dimensions for the car? (Or tell me where to look)

And do you know what underframe this car uses? I’m guessing a type 27

Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks in advance 


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Yes, there were two heads creating the air gap.  Look closely at the tank and you will see the double rows of rivets marking the location of the interior heads.




Of course, this is not possible if the car has an external jacket.


Steve Hile


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With the domed heads, would there be one on each compartment, creating an air void between the compartments?  I have always assumed, without any reason, that there was one head in the tank, curved in one direction or the other, but that doesn't seem like it would create the volume loss that you describe.



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