Re: questions regarding ACF Carbon Black Hopper---Rail Shop

Allen Cain

As a teen in the early 1970's to earn money for college, I worked in the Kelly Springfield tire plant in Fayetteville, NC.  My job was running a Banbury which is where the various types of rubber are compounded and mixed with carbon black.  On occasion, there would be a blow back from the loading hopper spewing a cloud of carbon black back onto the operator, me.  Mixed with sweat, it coated your body with a greasy black coating.  The only way to get it off of your skin was to shower using dishwashing detergent and even that left some, particularly around your eyes (PPE was unheard of even then).

The company sponsored an open house for employees' families one day.  My mother and father walked right up to me and did not recognize me thinking that I was a Black American (forgive me if this is not the PC term these days, back then the correct term was Afro American and I am not trying to start anything).  And FYI, I am Caucasian.

Probably still have some in my lungs!

Allen Cain

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