Re: How would the carbon black product have been shipped prior...


There was a big Cabot plant just west of Pampa, Texas, served by Santa Fe.  Probably other carbon black plants nearby, since there was plenty of gas. 

One other plant that used natural gas as a feedstock was a big Celanese plant, also just west of Pampa but on the opposite side of the main line from Cabot.  One of its main products was acetic acid.  Although this plant was started in 1952 on natural gas, in the late 70s it added a coal-fired power plant which took unit coal trains inbound.  That had the benefit of freeing more natural gas for feedstock.

There was quite a bit of traffic in Celanese tank cars to and from this plant and the other Celanese plants in the Houston area (Bayport and Clear Lake) served by SP, and in south Texas, at Bishop, served by the MoPac.

Ron Merrick

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