Re: End stiles

Dave Parker

I don't remember Craig's fix, but here's mine.  Take a Yarmouth ladder stile with 16" spacing, and separate it into its two component strips.  Three or flour trips through the PE bending tool will do this.  Trim the ends just a tad as needed.  Now you have that flat bar with the correct holes for the inside stile.

It's a little fiddly getting it attached, but I used some grabs to help get the horizontal spacing.  Where a hole landed right on the crest of a rib, I drilled through into the end for extra security.  Where a hole fell over a "valley", I simply trimmed the leg of the grab short, and only cemented it to the stile.  All the grabs were installed after the flat stile was secure, but there are probably other ways to sequence it.

BTW, those are scale (0.008") grabs on my ladder.  They will work with Pierre's ladders, but some adjustments may be needed if you are used to 0.0125".

Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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