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Tim O'Connor

Old guys (like us, now) have been crying about the death of the hobby since I was a child.
I read Super Bowl tickets cost more than $6,000. Is football dying? No. I think the average
adult age of becoming an ACTIVE model railroader has always been in the 30-40 age range
and the median age of modelers, while climbing, was in the mid 40's when I was a kid. I see
a LOT of children and families at the Springfield Big E train show. And I see young modelers
with some very impressive skills. And remember that it is a WORLD hobby - there are people
who love trains all over the world. :-)

On 2/7/2021 4:57 PM, Scott Kremer wrote:
Get them involved in operations, which requires little to nothing, and you have a reasonable chance that they will come back to the hobby later in life.  Get the ones who are involved in making plastic models to realize there is a lot of opportunity to make great models in model railroading and they too will stay involved.

Scott Kremer

On Feb 7, 2021, at 4:43 PM, Dave Nelson <Lake_Muskoka@...> wrote:

Whistling past the graveyard (literally).  Any hobby with an average age of 68 is in trouble and with models of freight cars costing $40-$50 a pop there is no pulling in teenagers or young adults.
Dave Nelson
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A positive message from a Southern California railroad hobby shop owner:
And a story about Walthers:
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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