Re: AP article on model railroading today...

Mark Rossiter

Dave, I respectfully disagree with your position.  Our local model railroad club has at least a half-dozen members under the age of 20 and they are very enthusiastic about the hobby.  Most are active railfans as well.  The big difference as I see it is they are more interested in operations (running trains) than they are in building models.  Yes, some add super details to their equipment, but for the most part they buy RTR.  Somehow they seem to be able to afford the latest in sound-equipped DCC locomotives and highly detailed freight cars.  One young member is starting to amass a sizeable collection of brass steam locomotives.  He is not a rich kid, so I suspect he prefers saving his money for models over X-box games and $300 sneakers.


This is all anecdotal, of course, but I don’t see the hobby as dying, just changing. 


Mark Rossiter   


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