Re: GATC reweight station symbols

Steve and Barb Hile

Thanks, with Tony’s C for Colton, we have, at least, a reasonable idea for those other letters.




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I'll make some nominations. Not the least bit authoritative, but based on where GATC had some type of facilities, so somewhat SWAGish.


L - Lawrenceville, IL

J - Jacksonville, FL

P - Portland, OR

Richard Townsend

Lincoln City, OR


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I have been looking at a lot of Swift reefer pictures recently, partially for reweight dates and locations.  I have seen a number of cars with




which makes good sense as East Chicago, Inidana.  A main plant location


But I also see







Multiple times in the same set of stencils


Can anyone point to locations to match these reweigh locations, probably remote shop sites for GATC.  I note that in the ORER’s it lists East Chicago, Union Stock Yards (Chicago) and Kansas City as home points for refrigerator cars.


Thanks a bunch.


Steve Hile

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