Re: AP article on model railroading today...


I'm sure I'm like a lot on here. I started with trains when a child became a teenager, still interested in trains but had also started getting interested in the opposite sex so that started taking more of my time. I did join a club (West Island MRR club on Long Island) I moved to Florida when I was 21 and model railroading went to the back burner as I got married plus work got in the way. Later on many years later I was able to bring MRR more to the front. I went through times I could not afford to purchase anything for a hobby, but in later years I had a little more available for luxuries such as model trains. Now that I am retired, model railroading is more on the front burner. I'm sure I wasn't on the radar of most of the older people that were saying MRR was dying, but here I am now. I still have to watch how much I spend on models, but am sure a lot more active in it.

Richard Webster

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