Re: SL-SF boxcar color help with SC II Paints

gary laakso

The Sunshine Frisco Howe Truss boxcars were featured in the RPC Volume 2 and the Joe Pennington formula for paint was a 50/50 mix of Floquil boxcar red and Southern freight car brown. 


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Thanks Chris, I’ll check it out. The Bill Welch article in Speedwitch magazine looks very red. Bill used Vallejo paints which don’t give paint colors that a model railroader can translate at least only if inspector Closeau could investigate 

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It sounds a little counter-intuitive but it is always worth consulting a purportedly matching TruColor chart of freight car colors.  The Frisco color mentioned there is TCP 184 1944  - 1960 bc red which seems to be very close to a number of bc colors including C of G bc red. By a process of triangulation you may be able to land almost exactly on the offered Scalecoat II color.  180-200.jpg (3283×2528) (
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