Re: SL-SF boxcar color help with SC II Paints


I just looked at the Joe Pennington RPC article you referenced and would call your attention to the difference in paint color between newly repainted 162234 (pg. 71) and a similar steel sheathed car 32203 (pg. 72) in roughly the same lighting conditions. Note the new paint patch where Flo Pak Lubricators have been applied and stenciled on the car side. Interesting to note the effect of several years of weathering revealed by the patch.  If you are still on the Scalecoat theme, I'm thinking Boxcar Red #2 is a good match for the new paint look but you can't go wrong over a wide range of oxidation and fading as it appears the SLSF paint both oxidized and faded relatively rapidly. . 
Chris R. 

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