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Dave Nelson

Everything created on or before Dec 31, 1925 is in the public domain.

FWIW, Public Domain Day (the name is my idea) occurs on Jan 1 of every year and I’m pretty sure that all items copyright registered 95 (longest protection) +1 years ago all move to the public domain.  This being 2021 then  2021-95 = 1926 – 1 year = everything in 1925.


Dave Nelson


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All copyrights expire eventually. Including photographs. There are a lot of factors - how old was the
photographer and (if) when did they die? Was the photo ever published? Where did you get the photo?
A nearly 80 year old photo of a freight car... not much chance of a lawsuit. Just sayin'. And to win, the
suit would have to demonstrate actual damage to the copyright holder (diminishment of residual economic
value of the photo or publication).

On 2/3/2021 6:54 PM, SHAY STARK wrote:


I have a photo of PE10237 taken in Centerville Utah on Bamberger Railroad with a packing date of 11-41 and BLT 6-24 B-50-14, that has the brake staff rigging located on the outside of the car. Unfortunately I don't have permission to post the photo. I also remember an article in Main Line Modeler in the 1990's that had a few photos of the PE cars along with the SP variants. I seem to remember at least one photo showing the brake staff rigging. Maybe someone has that article and could provide more information.

Shay Stark

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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